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Who are we?

The overall aim is to raise the awareness of disability sport in the media on a global basis. The Why Can't We campaign is being run as a non-profit organization that will use donations to help promote the campaign via the media. Why Can't We are also available to help disabled people take up or excel in sport.
If you are someone who's aims are to excel in disability sport and you want sponsorship then please contact us.

More about 'Why Can't We?'

The campaign is funded through fundraising, volunteering and sponsorship. With more support, Why Can't We can deliver more activities. For more information email one of the team. To find an event for you, visit our Facebook page.  https://www.facebook.com/whycantwe1/

Can you donate?

Can you help the promotion of Why Can't We? If you can then please get in touch with us at: ​​​​ whycantwe2012@gmail.com  
The aim for Why Can't We in 2019 is to promote and increase the awarness of disability sport by gaining more followers on 'Why Can't We?'s social media accounts and continue raising money for disability sport.
About Peter Harding and WCW​​
Peter Harding was born in Roehampton hospital on 25th February 1997. He started playing football aged 4 at his local club. He loved playing and wasn't bad either.​​
He went to Hollyfield for secondary school and sixth form. Whilst he was there I continued football and managed to play at Fulham's Development Centre for a short time. In 2012 however his life was changed forever and he suffered a brain injury leaving him in intensive care in an induced coma. He had to learn to walk, talk, eat and drink again and one month later he was out of hospital.
The Children's Trust in Tadworth continued his rehabilitation and a month later he went get back to school and into year 10 again.
Football however wasn't so normal and he started to struggle. He says: "I remember coming home a few times in tears wanting to quit the game I love". Now some of you remember 2012 for another reason... The Olympics and Paralympics. That summer his mother spent a lot of time on the computer and we got tickets to some amazing events. One of them they thought was 7-a-side blind football but was actually Cerebral Palsy and Brain Injury Football.
That evening he went home and contacted Chelsea and went to trial for the disability team. He got in! The next 5 years at Chelsea were a roller coaster being able to play in front of 20,000 fans for the opening of the Rapid Vienna Stadium whilst also seeing the politics of the game. But his proudest moment was going on the pitch at Camp Noe (Barcelona's ground) and hi-fiving the whole team and then getting a hug off Messi!
Peter loved playing again so decided he should give something back and started coaching disability football at Wandgas FC and AFC Wimbledon. The Surrey FA also got him involved in the youth forum and he was made the chair of the committee. As if he wasn't doing enough he then joined the Surrey Disability Board and Kick It Out's Youth Forum and in 2013 he attended the National Youth FA committee with 200 other volunteers. 
This is where Why Can't We started to raise the profile of disability sports and help people discover the world of disability sports. It started with the name "Raising Awareness of Disability Sport in Society using the Media" but was changed to Why Can't We later on. The branding has changed as well and the aim is to keep Why Can't We as identifiable as possible. Peter says that the campaign is always developing but WCW will always stay the same.
In 2016 he was awarded with the National Young Volunteer of the Year award where he was awarded on the pitch of Wembley at halftime in the Charity Shield match. He had volunteered over 200 hours of his time that season. He also trialled for the England disability team but he says there were lots of issues with the politics as well as his own injuries. He also successfully applied to the FA Disability Board which he is still a part of.
He didn't go to university and instead joined an apprenticeship scheme called Step Forward and worked at Molinare TV and Film whilst training in accounting. It was a tough year but he came away as a level 3 qualified accountant.
He then applied for an apprenticeship in the BBC; he worked at Radio 3 as a studio manager and loved it. He was still playing and coaching 3 disability teams and managed to pass his level 2 coaching badge.
As the apprenticeship came to an end he started applying for jobs looking at sports jobs. He was lucky enough to land a place in a job in Manchester for the BBC in TV Football where he still works
Why Can't We has plans of setting up a few disability sports teams in Manchester and growing Why Can't We further. Peter is leading a discussion with 'The Class of 92's' Salford City and pushing to set up a new team as well as with other local teams in Manchester not just in football.
If you found this an interesting read then get in touch at [email protected] or on Social Media but remember to use #wcw 

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